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@socialworkrants The Social Work Rants Podcast ft. Brittani Williams, LCSW

Podcast host Bas Moreno, LMSW has been in the Social work field for the past 20 years. This social work podcast provides the listeners a dose of the hosts' world in social work, sharing personal stories, hopefully providing some education, smiles and laughs. The host also interviews other social work and mental health professionals in the field. Thank you for listening and supporting.

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The podcast can be found via on Twitter @SOCIALWORKRANTS and IG @THESOCIALWORKRANTSPODCASTFormer Fordham University Graduate school of Social Work Professor Dr. Edgar Tyson, Ph. D was the founder and creator of Hip Hop therapy. Brittani discussed using Hip Hop therapy in her sessions with her clients. We also discuss her top hip hop artists dead or alive, the impact of Selena (the singer) and how 2020 has affected your work. This episode is dedicated to Dr. Tyson. May he RIP.

Hip Hop Therapy with Brittani Williams on The Melanated Social Work #Podcast @Mtoliver_lcsw

In this episode, the folks of Melanated Social Work have the honor of connecting with Brittani Williams, LCSW, therapist, emcee, and educator. Listen to hear about her journey into social work, how she's brought hip hop into her therapy practice, and the process of starting her own private practice.

The Melanated Social Work Podcast is hosted by four men of color within the field of social work; Josh McNeil, Marvin Toliver, Michael Grinnell, and Jesse Wiltey. Join us as we discuss social work, mental health, politics, music, liberation and many other topics.

Youtube interview El Banco, Tu Abuelita Ft. Brittani And Citos

For this months episode for El Banco, Tu Abuelita, we have the brother and sister duo, Brittani & Citos. Join them as they speak about their grandma and how they carry her legacy. Brittani is a college educator, therapist and emcee. Citos also teaches at Jurupa Hills High School and coaches the Spartan varsity football team. B-Roll provided by George Morina, Kelly Lacy and Klaus Hausmann from Pexels and Pixabay. Music: "Washed Away" by David James - Artlist "Spread Love" by K-Solis - Artlist "Piccola - Preghiera" by Kaleido - Sea - Artlist "Oceanside" by Kicktracks - Artlist "Far Away" by Kevin - Graham - Artlist "Amor Eterno Piano" Homenaje a Juan Gabriel "Si Una Vez" (Instrumental) instagram@tu_abuelita1 instagram@never_ending_artist

In this episode, we learn about hip-hop therapy from Healmatic.health Brittani Williams a licensed clinical social worker.

Elyce and Leah here, two (kinda) basic women and licensed mental health professionals influencing you on the sh*t that really matters.

This week Brittani Williams joins us to influence you on hip-hop therapy. Brittani Williams (@bwilliamslcsw) is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), educator and emcee contributing to the collective work of hip-hop therapy. In this episode, we learn about hip-hop therapy and gain a better understanding of what hip-hop culture really is. We discuss some of the stigma and misconceptions of hip-hop culture. We also talk about the impact of trauma on our mental health and identity the importance of vulnerability. Brittani opens up about some of her personal experiences, professional journey and also shares one of her own verses (this is the best part).

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Disclaimer: If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis or is in immediate danger, please dial 911 or contact a local crisis line. This podcast is for informational purposes only and is not a replacement for professional or medical care.


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