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@BWilliamsLCSW Introduces you to #WholeHeartedWestCoastLiving #Podcast "Not therapy101 as you think you know it, but rather a liberated space geared toward having real conversations addressing the life we are living in today"

Brittani Williams is finally bringing a podcast to life in Wholehearted West Coast Living. This video is an introduction to what viewers and listeners can expect to find when tuning in to WWCL podcast. Born and raised in Southern California, with little to no knowledge or access to mental health resources, Brittani plans to describe how people can and have used Hip-hop, as well as other forms of art and culture to find healing. With a goal to normalize therapy that represents the whole person/client, and affirms not only their mental health and wellness but also has an understanding of cultural/gender/societal identities. 
This podcast is not going to be therapy101 as you think you know it, but rather a liberated space geared toward having real conversations addressing the life we are living in today the best we can. 

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Disclaimer: This podcasts represents the opinions of its host and guests and is solely intended for informational and entertainment purposes and should not be used as a substitute for therapy or mental health resources.

[full transcript below]

What's up, everyone? My name is Brittani Williams, and I'm here to welcome you to the very first episode of the Wholehearted West Coast Living podcast.

 I’m your host Brittani Williams and I want to welcome you to this podcast. This is going to be a podcast where we're going to have real conversations, about real issues, with real people. Normalizing mental health, wellness, and vulnerability.

 I’ve been talking about doing a podcast for a long time, the problem, is that this is new to me. I’m going to be navigating a lot of uncertainty, but we're just going to see what happens.

I’m really excited for you to tap in, and for me to just share my story, my own personal experiences, while at the same time introducing you to some of the dopest people I know. I’m thankful that you've tapped into the very first episode, feel free to follow me on Instagram and tik tok @BWilliamsLCSW to stay up to date.

Before we get into anything else, I want to introduce you to who I am and why I'm doing this. So, who am I?

I am a fourth generation Mexican American that grew up in the greater Los Angeles area, with roots in San Diego and where I currently call home.

I'm a licensed mental health therapist, a social work entrepreneur, and the founder of Healmatic group practice.

Aside from that, there are other very important roles that really inform how I show up in this work, that is being a wife, a mom of three, a daughter, a sister, a Tia, a home girl and forever a student of hip hop culture as well.

All of these parts are really important for me to acknowledge because, again it’s what informs how I show up in my work, and the community in general.

I'm really at this point in my career, where I am no longer willing to minimize those parts of myself to fit in; to be professional. I've come to this really strong realization, that showing up in my fullness is powerful and more than enough.

Which leads me to why I've decided to launch a podcast.

Growing up, I was raised to have a really strong work ethic to ignore my feelings, and to just put people first, to be of service. But I also ignored the inner struggle that I was experiencing, and I knew my friends were experiencing too; we just didn't talk about it. For many of us, we found our sense of identity, our sense of releasing and grounding through the L.A., underground, hip hop scene. That was our form of therapy and so the content on this podcast will be aimed to destigmatize and normalize those conversation in just a real way.

I also think it's important to note that, when we think about people that have these really fancy degrees. or titles, like; therapists or doctors, we think of them as exempt from pain and suffering. The real truth is, that we're real people. Therapists are real people that have their own trauma and their own story, their own dysfunction and I do not intend to hide that from this podcast.

So, this is going to be a very real platform and we may make mistakes, and I may say things that aren't correct. I'm open to being a learner in this podcast.

My intention for this podcast; again, is to have a dope liberated space, where we could have real conversations and be open and supportive with one another. So that we're not doing life alone, we can do it together in this supportive space.

Keep in mind that the content on this podcast is not a substitute for therapy. If you need mental health resources, please look into that within your area, I'm forever rooting for you.

Until then, I'm looking forward to the next podcast, and I'm looking forward to building with you. In the same way that my mentor Jackie Johnson signs off, that's in peace, love, healing, and solidarity.

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